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Universal Oil Spray

High-quality oil spray for all common handpieces, heads, turbines and air motors. This product cleans, lubricates and maintains in one step. A daily application extends the instrument life.
  • Excellent lubrication and very high-cleaning effect
  • Sterilization resistant
  • Compatible with disinfectants
  • High material compatibility
  • Optional with 4 interchangeable adapters available
Non-curing medical mineral oils; Additives

Trade unit:

Spray 500ml Ref. 230100


Adaptor IM
INTRAmatic-Adapter for handpieces and contra-angles      Ref. 230110

Adaptor RQ
Adapter made of high quality metal for Roto Quick interfaces on turbines (Sirona and W&H) Ref. 230120

Adaptor MF
Adapter made of high quality metal for interfaces on turbines (KaVo)    Ref. 230130

Adaptor Universal
Adapter made of plastic for handpieces with ISO-interfaces