Research & Development:

In our supply of metal materials, we specialised in the dental and medical industry. Our research and development department produces the best possible materials in order to always be able to provide dental technicians, dentists and manufacturing companies with optimal results. Whether it be a classic cast or top-of-the-range generative manufacturing, everyday our employees passionately work in interdisciplinary teams on innovative processes and products for a sustainable future. That is how new ideas are continually thought up to make existing products even safer, more efficient and more functional, whilst also constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and securing our pole position in the market, as well as pushing us to expand. In that sense, our greatest incentive is improving the quality of human life.

New technologies and their respective challenges lead to visions and new ideas. The whole process, from the initial idea to the production of a successful product, takes place in close cooperation with prestigious institutes and universities.

Each year, we invest a big chunk of our gross profit into research and development, so that our visions can be made a reality in the form of industry-relevant innovations.

Based on a creative concept and strategy we offer various private label concepts with our many years of expertise. If you want to implement your ideas and wishes with us, we provide different cooperation opportunities. These include, among others, the following executions:

  • Technical Documentation
  • Development
  • Support for biocompatibilty test
  • Material analysis
  • Product and packaging design
  • Packaging