NPM-Bonding Alloy / CoCr based

Starbond Easy

CoCrW bonding alloy for conventional, high-fusing (low expansion) ceramics. Free of nickel, lead, beryllium and cadmium. Type 4 pursuant to DIN EN ISO 22674.
  • High degree of purity
  • Biocompatible and extremly corrosion resistant

Advantages for Dental Technicians:

  • System-free working due to very good alloy properties
  • Pleasant polishing properties and finishing due to low hardness of 285 HV10
  • A CTE of 14.4 enables flexibility in ceramic selection and safe veneering
  • Excellent metal-ceramic bonding, even without bonder
  • An oxidation firing can be omitted
  • Optimal conditions for laser welding
  • Application flexibility and easy melting, no sparking


Co 61%
Cr 27.5%
Mo 8.5%
Si 1.6%
C,Mn,Fe <1%

Technical properties:

Proof stress (Rp 0.2) 610MPa
Ultimate tensile strength 830MPa
Elongation 10%
Elastic modulus 190GPa
Vickers hardness 285 HV 10
Density 8,7g/cm³
Melting range 1310 - 1410°C
Preheating temperature 850 - 950°C
Casting temperature 1480 - 1530°C
CTE (20-600°C) 14,4 x 10⁻⁶K⁻¹
Laser weldable Yes
Type (DIN EN ISO 22674) 4

Trade unit:

1000g Ref. 140000
250g Ref. 140250