Conventional Lab Products

PuttyStar 1:1

Addition curing silicone putty 1:1 (A + B) for the dental laboratory
  • Exact detail reproduction
  • Smooth kneading behavior
  • Does not smear and does not stick to Hands
  • Stable in shape and volume
  • Temperature resistant up to 200 ° C
  • Optimum final hardness of approx. 86 Shore A
  • Versatile: for wax rims, bite registrations as well as for models for denture repairs
  • Saves the isolation of plaster against dentures acrylic resins
  • Colour: blue (base), white (catalyst)
  • Mixing ratio: 1: 1
  • Very economical compared to other silicone putties: PuttyStar has a larger volume at the same weight due to a reduced filler content than most competitor silicone putties!

Trade units:

1x can 500ml (800g) base + 1x can 500ml (800g) catalyst 1,6kg Ref. 800003
1x 3200ml (5120g) base + 1x 3200ml (5120g) catalyst, 2 measuring scoops 10,2kg Ref. 800004