Conventional Lab Products

PlastoPress JET

Denture base acrylic resin, Cold-curing

Pourable resin based on methyl methacrylate, especially for the injection technique. PlastoPress JET is the acrylic material for "high-quality" prostheses that are being made by using the injection molding technique. The universal material can be used in addition to the injection molding technique also in the fluid resin technique.

Indications for the injection technique:
  • Manufacture of total uper and lower dentures
Indications for the fluid resin technique:
  • Completion of model cast prostheses
  • Immediate dentures
  • Margin design
  • Indirect relinings
  • Additions and repairs
  • Very good flow
  • Universal application
  • High accuracy
  • Compastible to any injection System
  • Tested and certified biocompatibility

Trade units:

Powder pink 500g Ref. 801110
Powder pink 1000g Ref. 801120

Trade units:

Liquid 250ml Ref. 801115
Liquid 500ml Ref. 801125