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Denture repair acrylic resin, Cold-curing

PlastoDur is the most affordable acrylic resin for quick repair. Whether a full denture is broken or a saddle on a partial denture has been damaged, with PlastoDur you perform the work in minutes.

  • Repair of full and partial dentures
  • Repair of orthodontic appliances
  • Indirect relinings
  • Additions
  • Very good flowability
  • Excellent processing characteristics
  • Very high bonding with any other acrylic resin
  • Colour stable due to UV- and heat stabilizers
  • Fast and safe curing

Trade units:

Powder pink 500g Ref. 801310
Powder pink 1000g Ref. 801320

Trade units:

Liquid 250ml Ref. 801315
Liquid 500ml Ref. 801325