Conventional Lab Products

PlastoDon N

Denture base acrylic resin, Hot-curing

Universal denture base resin based on methyl methacrylate, for the controlled hot polymerization. PlastoDon N is an economical, cadmium-free prothesis resin, in premium quality, which is suitable for all common hot-polymerisation works. The continuously developed formula ensures reliable results at all times.
  • Production of total upper and lower jaw prostheses using the press / stuffing method
  • Simplest processing
  • Precision fit and guaranteed high-quality results
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Good price-performance Ratio
  • Optimal mucosal tolerance due to low residual monomer Content
  • Physiological colours and absolute colour stability
  • Cadmium free
  • Tested and certified biocompatibility

Trade units:

Powder pink 500g Ref. 801210
Powder pink 1000g Ref. 801220
Powder colourless 1000g Ref. 801230
Powder pink-veined 1000g Ref. 801240

Trade units:

Liquid 250ml Ref. 801215
Liquid 500ml Ref. 801225
Liquid 1000ml Ref. 801235