Conventional Lab Products

GingiStar (Automix)

Addition curing silicone for the production of gingival masks. A precise representation of the gingival line e.g. for implant cases, for demanding crown and bridge restorations or for reproduction of the gingiva in CAD/CAM procedures.
Also available in a hard, sandable version (especially for implant cases).

  • Good grindability (GingiStar H), combined with excellent elasticity and tensile strength

  • Easy handling due to automatic mixing and direct application from cartridges

Trade units:

2 x 50ml cartridges(A-Automix) + 12 cannulas + 12 application tips Ref. 800092
2 x 50ml cartridges (H-Automix hard) + 12 cannulas + 12 application tips Ref. 800092H
20 cannulas + 20 application tips Ref. 800092Z
GingiStar DS50 Injector Ref. 800090