CoCr Milling Discs

Fusionis Disc

CoCrMo milling disc for the production of fixed and removable dentures. The alloy properties, the quality and excellent milling results make Fusionis Disc the material of choice. The ideal material for the unique manufacture of removable partial dentures with clasps and retainers, telescope dentures, bars and attachments in CAD/CAM processes. Free of nickel, beryllium, lead and cadmium. Type 4 pursuant to DIN EN ISO 22674.

Advantages for users:

  • Excellent machinability, validated process
  • Ideal mechanical properties
  • Average hardness of 290 HV 10
  • Extremly corrosion resistant
  • Biocompatible
  • Excellent polishability and easy to use
  • Laser weldable

Composition in percent by mass:

Co 63%
Cr 29%
Mo 5%
C,Si,Nb,Mn,Fe <1%

Technical properties:

Proof stress (Rp 0.2) 420MPa
Ultimate tensile strength 650MPa
Elongation 10%
Elastic modulus 210GPa
Vickers hardness 290HV10
Density 8.3g/cm³
Laser weldable Yes
Type (DIN EN ISO 22674) 4


18mm x 98.3mm with edge Ref. 141118
25mm x 98.3mm with edge Ref. 141125
18mm x 99.5mm without edge Ref. 141018
25mm x 99.5mm without edge Ref. 141025