Conventional Lab Products

Die Spacer

Abrasion-resistant and quick-drying die spacer as a placeholder for the cement gap. The plaster die is painted with the die spacer before wax-up.
  • Available in various colors and thicknesses
  • Steam cleaning resistant with particularly scratch-resistant and smooth surfacing properties
  • Short curing time
  • Thermal resistant
The hardening of the gypsum surface takes place with Hardener without layering it.

Caution: Use for our Die Spacer and Hardener exclusively our Thinner, thus the positive characteristics of our varnish are still guaranteed.

Trade units:

Clear 4μm 25ml Ref. 230213
Red 8μm 25ml Ref. 230207
Blue 10μm 25ml Ref. 230209
Silver 13μm 25ml Ref. 230206
Gold 15μm 25ml Ref. 230205