Scheftner Team

S&S Scheftner GmbH was founded in 1986 as a German branch of the Swiss Scheftner AG. Since 2007, Mr Adrian Jossek has been running the company. Our products are internally manufactured (overwhelmingly for the dental industry) and are now exported to over 60 countries.
S&S Scheftner GmbH, in cooperation with a qualified team of employees and development/production partners, strives for continued growth, whilst fully meeting all customer feedback. Our continuous development, the production and offer of a high-quality and fairly priced product line, are down to the efficiency and responsibility of our team members.


Adrian Jossek

General Manager

Commercial & Technical Management:

Alexander Proboszcz

Head of Commercial Operations

Janek Zeuschner

Head of Technical Management

Assistant to Management & Human Resources:

Agatha Böhm

Assistant General Manager & HR Manager

Sales Team:

Duy-Ahn Tan

Business Development Manager

Paolo Santoni

Sales Manager International

Mohannad Mojahid

Sales Manager International

Bernd Balz

Sales Manager National
Region South

Christof Geppert

Sales Manager National
Region North

Florian Bauer

Customs & Export Officer

Peter Maikow

Inside Sales Representative

Caroline Jossek

Inside Sales Representative

Maxim Maikow

Inside Sales Representative

Product Management:

Duy-Anh Tan

Product Manager

Research & Development:

Dr. Oskar Köhler

Head of Research & Development, Division Powder Alloys / Medical

Dr.-Ing. Wilfredo Garcia Vargas

Head of Research & Development, Division Powder Metallurgy


Emi Oelsch


Quality Assurance and Quality Management:

Ibrahim Cömert

QA/QM Officer

Technical Support & Service:

Bernd Balz

Technical Advisor, Dental Technician

Christof Geppert

Technical Advisor, Dental Technician


Tomasz Chodakowski

Head of Production


Hicham Attaj

Head of Warehouse